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Villa Custom Homes, we’re known for our rammed earth custom homes but we are constantly expanding and adding to our growing list of special features. You know, those details will make our homes unlike any other?

Below are some of our most popular special features.

Exterior Features

Canales: These are drain spouts that protrude vertically from the side of a home that directs rainwater away from and off of a flat roof section. Because flat roofs are a characteristic of the adobe-style homes, these canales are necessary to ward off moisture and rainwater from accumulating on the roofs. 

Exposed lattice frame: These wooden slats create a very artistic and rustic structure. They are wooden slats designed roof tile or decorative symmetrical wooden structures used in a pergola or gazebo. 

Pool Cabanas: Building a custom pool cabana is a great way to enhance the outside ambiance of your backyard and poolside. Cabanas can be built out of steel frame, wood, concrete or rammed earth.

Interior Features

Faux Finishing: Frequently used in Tuscan-style homes and authentic pueblo homes, faux finishing is a painting technique that brings an old world charm to any interior space. Faux Finish is a much-desired decorative painting technique that creates a sense of plaster, an old world finish, and the warm glow of a sun-washed wall or a look of beautiful stone. 

Venetian Plaster: This lovely paint finish is beautiful and slick that creates the feeling of plaster at a much lower cost. It goes perfect with the Southwestern style homes, as it creates a classic old-world feel that is enhanced with the adobe-style floor plans and architecture. 

Vigas: These features are very much a characteristic of the adobe-style architecture. Vigas were often used as structural members to carry the weight of the roof but can also be used as decorative features as well. These structural beams usually run wall to wall along the ceiling, embedded into plaster, or appear to support smaller ceiling material known as latillas. 

Latillas: These are traditional willow, aspen, or pine sticks that have been smoothed and had their bark peeled. When they are placed together they create a very beautiful architectural effect and authentic structure reminiscent of older pueblo homes. 

Corbels: These are decorative or architectural members that are placed at the end of the Viga for support. They are made of wood and have a specific design that accentuates the pueblo style. 

Cantera stone: This can be both an interior and exterior detail. Cantera stone comes from a volcanic rock that is mined in the regions of Mexico and Central America. It is an absorbent and durable rock. It conveys a timeless and natural beauty. It is often used inside such as a fireplace hearth, around the windows, along columns, or other special points of interest. 

Stamped and stained concrete: Colored concrete stains can enhance the look of any exterior or interior concrete work. They can add color or variation to what is often a drab feature with no decoration. 

Stacked stone: This is commonly known as “cultured stone.” It’s a popular veneer that is often used to create the look of an existing underlying structure. Perfect for outdoor living spaces like fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor living spaces! 

Water Features – Koi Ponds: Adding a little bit of nature to the exterior of your home can really enhance the landscape and create a magical area in your backyard or outside patio. 

Nicho: This is a carved out portion of the wall or a carved out space used to put artwork, vases, or other elements for decorative effect.

Additional Features To Enhance Your Home

Green Building: The whole concept of green buildings seems to be in vogue but here at Villa Custom Homes, we’ve been building the greenest homes possible for several years now. Rammed earth construction is perhaps one of the greenest ways to construct a home, as it is using natural materials that are energy efficient and extremely durable. 

Energy Star Homes: When it comes to improving your energy efficiency throughout your entire home and appliances, ensuring the installation of appliances that have a high Energy Star rating will make all the difference. A high Energy Star rating is a national rating system for appliances, windows, doors, and heating and cooling systems that indicates their ability to save energy. This can include tankless water heaters, high rated HVAC systems and more. 

Photovoltaic solar panels and wind generators: With 355 days of sunshine a year, Southern New Mexico is a great place to install solar panels on your rooftops. Wind generators are somewhat rarer in this part of the country but if effectively installed can pay off during certain parts of the year. 

Stamped & Stained Concrete: Concrete patios or areas do not have to be gray and dab. Adding color or stain to your concrete is a great way to add some class and aesthetic appeal to a concrete floor or area. 

Entry Medallion: A medallion is a beautiful way to add some flair and appeal to your entryway or rotunda. It can be customized and done with your design so that it reflects your home’s tone and style. 

Stacked stone: These beautiful stones come in many different varieties and will add value and an attractive look to a home. Adding a stacked stone wall or structure can enhance any home. 

Concrete Countertops: Concrete is one of the most durable and resistant materials, which is why many homeowners choose to use concrete countertops.

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