GB-98 Commercial Alterations

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As an experienced builder and contractor, Villa Custom Homes is licensed as a New Mexico General Building Contractor or GB-98. This means we are licensed by the state to do work on commercial building and properties.

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Maintaining and upgrading your commercial property is a large part of keeping your business looking professional and your building up to code. If you’re looking to make necessary alterations and remodels to your commercial property, make sure you are hiring a professional who has the right experience and the right vision for your project!

Commercial Elevations

Does your commercial property or office building need a makeover? Villa Custom Homes also does elevations. Putting a new exterior design on your property can elevate it to a new level! Often times, all your business really needs is a new look and design. As experienced contractors, we have experience working with a variety of commercial elevations and recreating businesses and breathing new life into a property.

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