Rammed Earth Homes and Adobe Construction

Long Lasting Beauty and Value

Villa Custom Homes specializes in building rammed earth homes. These structures will stand the test of time, as their strength and durability are unmatched. Think of it as a kind of ‘instant rock’ that simulates the natural process of creating sedimentary rock. It is done with special techniques that achieve optimum strength and hardness. Rammed earth homes are constructed with a mixture of soil (3%) Portland cement and a 6-10% moisture content.

Why Choose Rammed Earth?

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to build with this natural material. Its special qualities make it a sought-after building material in the Southwest and throughout the country. Those same unique characteristics make it a practical and effective choice for hot and dry climates, resistant to pests and corrosion, and durable against fires.

Some of the main benefits of the building materials include:

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly: Talk about green construction techniques! Rammed earth walls create an energy-efficient home that keeps the cool air in and the hot air out. Because of its thick walls, the material is a great insulator. It is non-toxic and non-polluting. It is also environmentally friendly because it creates minimal construction waste during the building. 

Thermal Mass: The thickness of the walls and the density of the material make it highly effective against extreme climates. This means that heat or cold will be slow to penetrate and the internal temperature will remain consistent.  

Noise Reduction: Similarly, the thickness of the walls also aid in blocking out unwanted noise from the outside. This means that your home will have a much more private ambiance, without the noise of traffic or other outside stimuli. 

Strong and Timeless: History and careful study have both proved that this material is not only incredibly strong but will last a lifetime. There is no need to worry about premature wear and tear or deterioration. 

Fire Proof and Pest Resistant: With rammed earth, you don’t have to worry about your home going down in flames in case of a fire. The material is highly flame resistant and will withstand extreme temperatures before it sees any damage. 

Low Maintenance: Rammed earth walls are low maintenance and require very little repair over a long period of time. Once built and properly sealed, the walls will have a long life ahead of them and require little attention.

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Unique Designs

As specialists in building with this material, Villa Custom Homes implements unique designs along with your custom-built home. For more than 20 years, we have been constructing beautiful and functional homes for people of the New Mexico area. We take our inspiration from the cultural and architectural influences of the region and make your dream home come true.

Adobe Construction

Adobe construction in Las Cruces is a traditional building method dating back thousands of years. The process involves creating bricks by mixing these materials and allowing them to dry in the sun. These bricks are then stacked and bonded together using a mud mortar, forming walls that offer excellent thermal mass properties, keeping interiors cool during the day and warm at night. One significant benefit of adobe construction in Las Cruces is its sustainability; the materials are natural, readily available, and non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly. Additionally, adobe structures often have a timeless aesthetic appeal and can withstand harsh weather conditions when properly maintained.

Differences Between Rammed Earth and Adobe Construction

While these two building techniques are very similar, they do have differences. Las Cruces adobe construction homes use sun-baked brick stacked together with a mortar joint, while rammed earth homes are monolithic in nature; materials are loaded into a form and compacted in place, forming a solid wall. Another difference is that adobe walls are 11’ thick, while rammed earth walls are 18’ thick. Rammed earth walls are smooth and can be drywalled, plastered, or left exposed. Adobe walls appear like stacked bricks and would need to be plastered to have a smooth finish. Also, adobe bricks are not always stabilized, while rammed earth walls are stabilized with Portland Cement powder. When hanging artwork on adobe, additional care must be taken as the bricks are soft. When hanging art on rammed-earth walls, you’ll need a hammer drill because the walls are as strong as concrete. The oldest structures still standing on earth are rammed earth, and the oldest structures still standing in America are Adobe.

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