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The 2021 Home Renovation Trends: Maximizing Space while Juggling Supply Shortages 

A beautifully redesigned living room Las Cruces

A beautifully redesigned living room

Many Americans last year found themselves in their living rooms or kitchens and thought to themselves: I could use this space for something. Perhaps I can add a bar here or a kid’s playroom there, or maybe an extra room for an office right over there. 

It was a need that led many homeowners in the last year and a half or so to suddenly envision a better use of their space, as many were relegated to their homes and forced to find ways to entertain themselves and the kids within their square footage. And that’s what many did, which led to very high demand in home renovation projects, bathroom upgrades, kitchen remodels, home additions, and much more. 

So, what’s the forecast for the end of 2021 and beyond? Anybody in the home repair or home construction business today will likely have a story to tell about supply shortages or difficulty finding the right materials and the right workers. 

What does all of this mean for your potential home renovation? Let’s look at some of what’s going on. 

The Most Popular Home Renovations of 2021 and Beyond

According to The Economist, before the pandemic, Americans worked from home about 5% of the time, but by mid-year 2020 that figure had risen to 60%. This change alone had a major impact on the way that people spent their time at home and how people rearranged their spaces.

Every inch of space in their homes was suddenly brimming with potential.

The Home Office or Work Room

This might be a dead giveaway. The home office is one of the most sought-after home renovation projects in recent years, but it does not look the same in every home. People have different ideas of what a home office is or should be. Some people are cornering off part of an existing space, maybe adding half a wall or an enclosure, others are building an entirely separate room, and some are creating their office in the basement or attic. 

Outdoor Entertainment Centers

When it comes to hanging out at home, one way to maximize space is by improving and enhancing the outside space of your home. One way to do this is by building patios, expanding porches, building pergolas, adding fire pits, or outdoor hangout spots. In the Southwestern United States, where winters are relatively mild, outdoor spaces have become one of the most requested home renovation projects. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

These will likely never go out of style because people are always rethinking bathroom and kitchen designs. Today’s kitchens want to be functional, clean, with plenty of counter space and cabinet space to reduce clutter. 

Mini Bars and Built-In Breakfast Nooks

Some more niche options include home additions like mini-bars and breakfast nooks that create small private spaces for entertainment or an intimate dinner or breakfast. These are cozy little spaces added or dug out of a corner previously unused and made into a functional space that serves multiple purposes. 

Closed Floor Plans

Since the late 20th century, open floor plans have really been the standard for contemporary homes. Shared spaces and open spaces were all the rage, but some say that the trend is tipping the other way in some new homes. 

Some people are rethinking this idea of open space and opting for more enclosed spaces that offer privacy and the distinct boundaries between home and workspaces. This often means adding division walls, enclosing previously opened spaces, and even building additional rooms on the side of the home. 

The Supply Chain Conundrum & Finding the Right Labor 

Now that you have an idea of your desired home renovation, it’s time to find a trusted contractor or builder that can make it happen. Here’s what you need to know about embarking on a major home renovation project in 2021. 

Homebuilders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike have felt the reality of the supply shortages across the board. Materials such as lumber, copper, steel, and some appliances have seen high demand and low supply. 

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index, a side-by-side comparison of supply shortages in 2020 and 2021 shows the numbers increase significantly in the latter. In 2020, for example, contractors facing or affected by material shortages rose from 37% to 71% in 2021. Contractors who saw impacts to their businesses by material cost fluctuations went from 65% to 82% in 2021. 

The High Demand for Home Building 

As many experts have noted, much of the shortages came from an unprecedented and rather unexpected demand for home building and homes during the year 2020 coupled with many manufacturing plants laying off workers or shutting down due to the pandemic. 

When people have no option but to stay home, they want to make that home even better or they want a new one. This saw demand go through the roof and the production of some of these raw materials such as lumber, for example, doesn’t happen overnight. 

Supplies Are Not the Only Thing in High Demand

The current climate has also seen a lot of shortages in skilled workers and contractors needed for home renovations, home building, or home repairs. 

This is why finding a contractor and builder that you trust is even more important. You want to find someone that is transparent about material costs and has established roots in the community to ensure they have the right workers and laborers for the job. 

Trust the Experts at Villa Custom Homes with Your Home Renovation Project

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