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Flooring Options for Your Southwestern-Style Home: Exploring Designs for Your Custom Build

Villa Custom Homes kitchen with hardwood flooring

Villa Custom Homes kitchen with hardwood flooring

Southwestern homes have their own personality and charm. It is the architecture, materials, and style that give a home its Southwestern flavor and spice. Even then, there are a plethora of material options that can accentuate the Pueblo-inspired features. When it comes to flooring, several options can further enhance the possibilities of the beloved Southwestern ethos. 

So how do you find the right flooring for your new custom home?

Let’s explore the options. 

The Southwestern Style Design and Architecture

Before we discuss exciting flooring options, let’s talk about the Southwestern style. We all know it when we see it, but what makes a home exuberantly and beautifully Southwestern? The well-recognized style is inspired by decades of native traditions fused with a touch of Spanish influence or other European notes. Southwestern patterns are often geometric, as inspired by traditional Navajo basket weaving, rustic influences from the natural materials. 

The typical palette involves soft desert hues: calm blues, quiet pinks, earthy-brown tones, cream colors, and off whites. Other color schemes include bold yellows, rustic oranges, rusty reds, or other desert tones. Don’t forget the cactus green and the mud browns! 

Characteristics of the Southwest style include: 

  • Natural materials (rammed earth, adobe, etc) 
  • Wood
  • Latillas and grape stake
  • Vigas and Beams
  • Stained concrete
  • Entryway medallions and decorative concrete
  • Water features 

Flooring Options for Adobe or Rammed Earth Homes 

If you’re embarking on a custom home journey, you are likely familiar with the many choices presented to you during the planning and pre-construction phases. From hardwood flooring to laminate to vinyl. There’s a lot to think about. In addition to layout, design, and architecture, you must choose the shades, flooring, and more. So how do you tackle the many flooring options? 

First, here are some basic things to consider:

  • What look are you going for? Will it complement and match your style and the other interior design choices of your home? 
  • What are your traffic needs? Do you have a couple of little ones running around? What about pets?
  • What are the maintenance needs of the material?
  • What’s the final price tag on the flooring option given the square footage of the home? 

Let’s look at some popular flooring options: 

Reclaimed Hardwood

The use of wooden materials is very popular for Southwestern-style homes. When choosing hardwood, there are a lot of style options available, but there is an authenticity that some homeowners seek when committing to the Southwestern style. 

For those die-hard pueblo-style enthusiasts, harvested and repurposed hardwood recuperated from old homes or barns is the way to go. This dark and authentic hardwood complements stucco or cream white walls perfectly well. 

Handscraped Hardwood

While it can be difficult to add reclaimed hardwood because of availability, hand-scraped hardwood achieves a similar vibe. It is specifically hand-scraped to achieve a rustic hardwood look. When done properly, the results are visually enticing. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

For situations where homeowners worry about moisture or maintenance, vinyl tile is a great choice. People who own pets often find that vinyl is a great choice to ensure as little damage as possible. Today’s techniques allow the vinyl to very accurately mimic the look of hardwood and remain water-resistant, resilience, and more. 

Laminate Flooring

Another great synthetic material that gives you plenty of color options, laminate flooring can also mimic the look of real hardwood and produce very fine details that accurately depict the feel and style of natural hardwood. Many homeowners prefer this option because it is very resistant to spills, moisture, and dents. 

Engineered Hardwood

This flooring option provides a lot of freedom and choice. Wooden floors are rustic-inspired but can be difficult to maintain and expensive to repair. Hardwoods that are engineered consist of several layers of compressed wood and plywood and then layered with a thin slice of natural wood. They provide a natural look but give a little more weather resistance and durability. 

Mosaic Tile

Another popular style for kitchens and bathrooms is decorative mosaic tile. This tile adds a splash of color and boldness to the rustic design. Mosaic tiles offer versatility to the owner, as you can easily choose any color, shade, or style to fit the rest of your internal decor. 

Walk on Solid Ground with the Right Flooring Options for Your Southwestern-Style Home

Homes of the Southwest go beyond style. Much of the decor and interior design is about promoting a return-to-nature attitude. That doesn’t mean there is no room for style and creativity. In fact, Southwestern style provides endless options to define your individual style. 

Looking for the right flooring options for your Southwestern-style home? Want to learn more about how we build unique rammed earth homes in the Southwest. Call Villa Custom Homes today!