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Popular Home Additions: Maximizing Space with Smart Building

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If you want more space but are not looking to buy a new home, a home addition can be a great choice. This way, you can expand your square footage without uprooting everything and moving. Whether you are looking to increase space or seeking ways to increase your home value, a well-planned well-executed home addition can be just the answer. So what are the most popular home additions in the post-pandemic world? 

Let’s look at some of the specifics. 

Common Pitfalls of Home Additions 

Before we get started, let’s discuss some common pitfalls when venturing into home addition territory. Home additions are smart investments since they add new life to your home. Not only do additions improve the interior of your home, but they can also enhance curb appeal. That being said, these are often complex projects and—when done incorrectly—can cause more harm than good. It is why home additions must be approached with caution. So let’s discuss some of the major pitfalls homeowners fall into when attempting this kind of work. 

#1 Treating it as a minor project

Home renovations and additions happen in degrees. Some are surface renovations and others require a true professional that understands the complexities of architecture and building codes. Some home additions might be minor while others require a little more heavy lifting. Most of the time, adding on to a home requires consideration of the existing structures. This way, the addition can blend in seamlessly without compromising the foundation of the existing home. 

#2 Foregoing quality for cheap materials 

The materials used in any construction project are paramount to the integrity of the build and the longevity of the project. So while it might seem easy to choose lower-quality materials now because of a minor price deduction, it might not be the right choice down the line. This might be a stronger temptation when prices of materials have risen due to economic conditions or inflation, but the choice to opt for subpar materials can cost you in the long run. 

#3 Not considering the long-term

Most of the time, you don’t want your home addition to be decided on a whim or impulse. Because of the scale of the project, you want to consider both the short-term and the long-term ramifications for you, your home value, and the ability to sell the home. 

When considering your home addition, look into estimated costs and whether it adds value to your home—that is, if that is important for you. It might not be. Perhaps, you have decided that this is the home you’ll stay in for your retirement. 

How To Make Sure Your Home Addition Blends In Just Right 

While adding on an extra room or bathroom might seem simple, there is always added pressure. The addition must blend in seamlessly with the existing home without compromising the structure or foundation in any way. To achieve the best results, always work with a professional builder. 

A professional builder will consider the following: 

Matching the foundation and rooflines

Matching foundation, roofline, and elevation is necessary in order to maintain the integrity of your home. Consider matching the roof and the rooflines, which includes extending the pitch, overhang, eave depth, spacing, color, material, and so on.

Matching the exterior and interior finishes

Depending on the type of home addition, you want the interior and exterior to match. Details of the original home should be taken into consideration. An addition must match the flooring, sidings, and exterior materials. You want a savvy designer that knows how to mimic the existing home structures or choose complementary designs and colors that enhance the aesthetics without mismatching. 

Considering local building codes and zoning laws

When building anything in your home, you want to make sure you’ve considered local zoning laws and codes. Many homeowners are unaware that they may have building restrictions that prevent or limit certain home additions. 

Popular Home Additions in the Southwest 

As a custom home builder in the New Mexico area, we largely build homes that are meant to withstand the hot and dry climates so prevalent in this region. As is customary across the nation, people consider their local landscape and climate when considering the design and architecture of their homes. 

Here are some of the popular additions in the region:

Sunrooms or Open Extensions

The modern homeowner wants to invite nature into the home in various ways. Whether it’s through natural lighting, natural materials, or by opening up the home to the outdoors. 

Sunrooms have become very popular as they accomplish several things at once. They add square footage to the home and infuse the home with natural light and a place to bask in the sun. These bright, open spaces will usually be added to the back or side of a house, looking out into nature. 

The Famous Garage Conversion

Although this is a slightly different type of extension, it is still one of the most requested types of home improvement/renovation projects. Making sure the garage room is livable and comfortable does require a fair bit of design and additions. An adept home builder can turn that garage into a useful, comfortable room.

Outdoor Living Spaces & Patios

Adding a roof-covered outdoor area is a great way to extend your home without having to add four walls. This is a popular addition for those with extra space in the backyard or looking to create hosting spaces in the great outdoors. 

Trust a Professional Builder with Your Home Addition 

Home additions are complex projects and they require serious considerations to ensure a long-term successful project. Villa Custom Homes has been building homes in the Southwest for more than thirty years. As a custom builders, we understand the complexities of home additions. 

Learn more about what we can do in your home. Call Villa Custom Homes today.