Customizing Your New Construction Home

A person holding sketches of a living room and wood samples in Las Cruces.

Are you considering building a new construction home for you and your family? Do you want to add your customizations but aren’t sure where to start? We will provide unique, customizable ideas for your new construction home.   Villa Custom Homes, located in Las Cruces, NM, has an experienced and caring team of builders who are […]

The Pros of Buying a New Construction Home

Pencils in the shape of a house on top of blueprints for a new construction home in Las Cruces.

Are you ready to buy a new home? If so, finding a home that’s customized to your interests just might be the best option for you. Here, we will talk about some of the benefits that come with buying a new construction home.  We at Villa Custom Homes, located in Las Cruces, NM, have an […]

Choosing the Right Materials for Your New Home: Quality and Durability

A builder looking at a new construction home in Las Cruces.

If you plan on building your dream home in Las Cruces, knowing which materials to use is important. Choosing the right home materials is a vital step in the building process and can help ensure the safety and quality of your new construction home. Villa Custom Homes, a local custom home builder, specializes in new […]

What You Need to Know About Rammed Earth Homes

Rammed earth material in Las Cruces.

If you are building or designing a new construction home in Las Cruces, you may consider a rammed earth home. Rammed earth homes are long-lasting and have a multitude of benefits. Villa Custom Homes in Las Cruces is your rammed earth builder. We do everything new construction homes require and have experienced home-builders who can […]