The Roots of Earth Construction: Why Adobe and Rammed Earth Architecture is Seeing a Resurgence 

Villa Custom Home Construction in Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Southwestern United States is unlike any other part of the country. It has unique characteristics that create the well-known southwestern flavor. Aside from its desert landscapes, breath-taking sunsets, succulent cactus, and plant life, the Southwest also offers a flourishing earth construction movement inspired by the traditions of the Pueblo Indians, Spanish settlers, and others. […]

As Lumber Prices Rise, Consider a Rammed Earth Home 

A rammed earth home in the middle of construction

The skyrocketing cost of lumber has many custom home builders struggling to keep prices down or even holding back construction. Inventory is low across the country. Homes are snatched up as soon as they hit the market, leaving many prospective and hungry home buyers unsure of how to proceed. So what options do you have […]

Finding the Right Home Builder for Your Dream Rammed Earth Home

a rammed earth home in the desert

If you’ve ever driven close to the Organ Mountains, you’ve more than likely noticed the many beautiful adobe homes that populate that area. With their distinct beige colors and classic “New Mexican” designs, these homes are some of the most sought after in Las Cruces. When it comes to building your dream adobe home, it’s […]