Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Homes in Las Cruces

A recently-completed kitchen remodeling project featuring gorgeous tile backdrops and mullioned glass cabinet doors.

With so many creative innovations in home improvement floating around these days, taking on a kitchen remodel can seem like a daunting task. If you’re having a hard time choosing the perfect kitchen remodeling ideas for your Las Cruces home, Villa Custom Homes is here to help! Check out these kitchen remodeling tips that are […]

Las Cruces Custom Home Builder Answers Your Questions

Judd Singer sitting at his drafting desk, working on a new floor plan

If you’re thinking about building a custom home, odds are you’re aware of the current state of the world. Industries all across our nation have been impacted by countless issues including labor shortages, lumber and material price hikes, and production delays. But how are these changes affecting our local home building industry? For those in […]

The Story of Cantera Stone and How It Became the Darling of Southwest Architecture 

Pillars made of cantera stone

Southwest architecture encompasses a wide breadth of building techniques and approaches. This style is often characterized by the materials used and how those materials are used to increase functionality, performance, and beauty.  As a rammed earth home builder, Villa Custom Homes is working with the best earthy materials and most sought-after architectural designs. One popular […]

Flooring Options for Your Southwestern-Style Home: Exploring Designs for Your Custom Build

Villa Custom Homes kitchen with hardwood flooring

Southwestern homes have their own personality and charm. It is the architecture, materials, and style that give a home its Southwestern flavor and spice. Even then, there are a plethora of material options that can accentuate the Pueblo-inspired features. When it comes to flooring, several options can further enhance the possibilities of the beloved Southwestern […]

As Lumber Prices Rise, Consider a Rammed Earth Home 

A rammed earth home in the middle of construction

The skyrocketing cost of lumber has many custom home builders struggling to keep prices down or even holding back construction. Inventory is low across the country. Homes are snatched up as soon as they hit the market, leaving many prospective and hungry home buyers unsure of how to proceed. So what options do you have […]

The Changing Tide of Custom Home Builders: A Look at Trends for 2021 

Home Design Material in New Mexico

History has a way of changing the course of things. As economies and consumer habits change, so do industries, markets, and culture. Every generation has a moment of no return.  These historic moments often happen quickly—prompted by unforeseen circumstances—while others occur gradually, as a result of cultural or political change.  Since the early 20th century, […]

Tips on Laying out a Floor Plan and Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

Think of your home builder as your confidant. For a period of six to nine months, your custom home builder will be intimately involved in planning your future. No, we don’t need to know when you plan to get married or have your first kid, but we do get to be involved with the planning […]

A Time to Build: On Building Your Dream Home During a Pandemic

Rammed earth in construction for a custom home

It might not sound like a good idea to go for one of the biggest investments of your life during a pandemic year, but 2020 has shown us that life is short and precious, so why not have the home you’ve always dreamed of and embark on a journey unlike any other? Here’s the thing, […]

A Natural Dwelling Place: History of Pueblo Revival Architecture in the Southwest 

If you talk to any architecture aficionado—particularly in the Southwest—you are likely to hear about the beloved Pueblo Revival style that is prominent in the area. Many of the homes across the region—in Las Cruces or Albuquerque, all the way out to Arizona, and even some of West Texas—are inspired by elements from this charming […]